Huatian Group employees line up to welcome the first batch of medical aid team members
Raise awareness of intellectual property protection and create a legal environment for knowledge innovation ——The Group and the municipal and district courts carry out seminars on intellectual property

Tianshui Huatian Sensor was successfully shortlisted as “Qualified Supplier of China Petrochemical Industry”

The petrochemical industry is China’s pillar industry, mainly processing crude oil and natural gas into diesel, kerosene, gasoline, asphalt, paraffin, sulfur, plastics, rubber, fiber, chemicals, etc. The production involves large material risks, complex process technology, The operating conditions are harsh.

Tianshui Huatian Sensor Co., Ltd. was successfully shortlisted as a “Qualified Supplier of China’s Petrochemical Industry”. We are confident and capable of contributing to our country’s petrochemical industry.