The United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce investigated the resumption of production and production during the prevention and control of the Huatian epidemic
Leaders of China Mobile Communications Group visited Huatian

Chairman Xiao participated in the special meeting on the resumption of production and production of key provincial enterprises

On the afternoon of March 13, Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province, Li Peixing, Vice Governor, and Li Zhixun, Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, held a special meeting on the resumption of production of key enterprises in the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. And connected with key provincial enterprises such as Tianshui Huatian Electronics Group and Lanzhou Petrochemical.

Xiao Shengli, Chairman of Tianshui Huatian Electronics Group, Song Yong, Chief Financial Officer, and Li Shouping, Minister of Development Planning participated in the video connection. Governor Tang carefully listened to Chairman Xiao’s report, fully affirmed the work done by Huatian in epidemic prevention and control, and resumed production and re-production, and conveyed condolences to the Huatian management team and all employees.




    (Qu Zhigang Xi Rui)