Raise awareness of intellectual property protection and create a legal environment for knowledge innovation ——The Group and the municipal and district courts carry out seminars on intellectual property
Sensor company held January-April sales summary analysis meeting

The Group launched youth volunteer service activities

On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, to promote the “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress” volunteer service spirit, show the youthful spirit of Huatian young employees. On the afternoon of May 4, the Youth League Committee of the Group organized more than 50 young employees of the Science and Technology Park to carry out volunteer service activities in Huatian Home.


Volunteers hold garbage tongs, carry garbage bags, clean up the garbage along the way, put food garbage bags, beverage bottles, cigarette butts and other garbage into the prepared garbage bags one by one. After two hours of hard work, everyone has ” “The results were great,” and the garbage was finally processed in a centralized manner.


At the same time, the volunteers also promoted environmental protection knowledge for the family members of Huatian Homeland, and called on everyone to “take away the garbage, leave the civilization behind, start from themselves, and deliver positive energy.”










(Xi Rui, Party and Mass Work Department)